I refuse to call them pro-life because the only stance they have ever taken is anti-abortion. Words matter.

Birth control could be over the counter. Strong sex education has proven to reduce teen pregnancies and therefore teen abortions. Prenatal care has never been proposed by anyone in the AntiA movement.

There have NEVER ever given women carrying potential unhealthy fetuses any hope for help from them.

My bottom line: If someone who is Anti-A wants to talk to me, I will ignore them until they prove to me that they have adopted or fostered an unhealthy infant. Without that, they have skin deep morals and adortion because they are willing to FORCE her to bear a child when they are unwilling to take on that burden. Hypocrites.

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Nov 18, 2022·edited Nov 18, 2022

Dear Donald,

It hurts me to have to write this, but I realized it after your announcement. The thrill is gone. The magic just doesn’t work any more. It’s over.😢

But let’s decide not to be sad. We had such great times, cozying up to dictators and storming the Capitol. They can never take that away from us.

And do keep in touch. You can reach me at Ron’s place if you want to talk.

Best wishes for the future, and best of luck with those prosecutions,

Your friend,

MAGA World

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This time feels a little different. Maybe, just maybe…

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I thought that may be a possibility after I posted... but no /s was present so I figured, wth.

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Sorry, you lost me at "moral failure".

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I tried so hard not to comment on this post, but I can’t shake it. Holding the hand of a family member while she sobbed because she had eclampsia and her baby had been diagnosed as having his intestines growing in his lungs, supporting her while she decided to end the yearned for pregnancy was brutal. We tried desperately to find prenatal surgery to correct the problem, but the baby would never take a breath. I get that Ms. Charen wants her to walk around for five months being congratulated for her upcoming bundle of joy while waiting for the birth/death. But when she was in danger and did not want to leave her born daughters without a mom, she took care of her body. And her family.

I sincerely hope she never reads any pundits who claim that all abortions are moral failures. She didn’t even know that it was considered an abortion until months later.

We all know women who have been through such tragedies, whether those people feel comfortable sharing with us or not.

Pro-Choice does not mean pro-abortion. It means, support women and children and stay the heck out of legislative control before more women are forced to adhere to somebody else’s rigid, righteous ethics and morals and die.

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Fox News will always and forever be the Trump Network.

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Sorry, but I'm not into the exuberance this time. Trump is far from dead. Right now, it's mostly the same media elements that tried to stop him in 15-16. So what a bunch of NPCs are repeating what they heard on Fox about DeSantis. They're easy enough to reprogram.

Trump will start getting attention again. His hardcore backers will act up.

We'll see if he really loses a Republican primary. Most GOP primary voters have maybe barely name ID on DeSantis and there will be others. Then what? If Trump can hang on to even a quarter of the primary voters, he's on a glide path.

Plus if at the end of the day we end up with a somewhat smarter and more capable authoritarian, what have we gained?

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As the GOP do their "post mortem" on the mid-terms, maybe they should take a hard look at their grave miscalculation of how important a women's right to choose really is among women AND men of all parties, the majority of Americans who support legalized abortion. If they were smart (and if they cared) they would compromise with the Dems on codifying abortion rights and then maybe, just maybe they could win back some of their voters who left them. But no, they choose to be short sighted and play to their pro life base which is a very small base and would rather risk losing a larger voting base (which they did in the midterms). When will this GOP wake up and realize they can't have it both ways. Such hypocrisy - it's disgusting what these GOP will do to gain power. Well it surely backfired on them this time.

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As for National Review, give 'em a year, and they'll all be proper anti-anits once again.

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I stupidly had unprotected sex and paid the price with an unwanted pregnancy that I couldn’t afford, either emotionally or financially. My abortion was neither a tragedy or moral failure, it was a much needed solution to my situation. I am grateful I had a choice and am forever thankful to Planned Parenthood for providing a safe and affordable abortion.

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Will the GOP even have primaries? Every political reporter in the country should be calling every state chair in the country and asking 'Will you hold an open primary'. Because, right now? Trump is calling all of them and demanding they don't.

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Charlie, you are the absolute best. Your newsletter and podcast are the highlights of my day. I'm only an upstart, but thanks for the daily inspiration. My latest on Trump is "The Calls are Coming from Inside the House."

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Re Mona Charen’s article: I’d like to see pro-life and pro-choice people unite not only on backing mothers and kids but also on working to reduce maternal and infant mortality. It’s ridiculous that this advanced nation has a maternal mortality rate several times higher than that of other countries. The fact that women of color are more likely to die in childbirth also must be addressed.

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No woman approaches abortion without trepedation. There are a million individual reasons a woman chooses to have an abortion and you can never find enough exceptions to legislate that. Providing support for women who are conflicted is a good valid start but not the only thing. Having a Choice is the only reasonable approach for a woman, her doctor, and her support network.

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"Smart piece", Charlie? Really?

Mona Charen in the Bulwark: "Every abortion is a tragedy and frankly, a moral failure."

Are ectopic pregnancies moral failures? Whose? Are fetal abnormalities that would result in nonviability or stillbirth moral failures? Again, whose?

Is an expectant mother's inability to carry a fetus to term without killing herself a moral failure?

Are the 10-20% of known pregnancies that end in miscarriage evidence of God's own moral failures? The 10-40% of fertilized embryos that fail to implant?

Are all the foregoing abortions solely due to a woman's (selfish) "determination to abort"?

I'll take a hard pass on Charen's religious and moral values

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