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The Bulwark Live from Philly

Exclusively for Bulwark+ members.

The gang put on a lively show in the city of Brotherly Love on May 1, 2024. Watch this ad-free replay of the entire show, Swing State Swing—An Evening with The Bulwark in Philly, exclusively here for Bulwark+ members.

First up, Tim Miller is joined by Bill Kristol and Will Saletan to discuss the uncanny parallels to 1968, the big 420 news, and the South now living back in pre-Roe days.

Then Sarah Longwell and JVL join Tim to discuss the terrifying new Time magazine interview with Donald Trump, and why everyone is talking about college protests instead! Plus, a dark deep dive into how Americans can still choose to elect Trump and a debate on which Republican has embarrassed themselves the most auditioning to be his veep.

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Join us for another Bulwark Live event May 15 in Washington, D.C. and June 21 in Colorado.

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