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Wanted: A Biden Campaign


Famed presidential photographer David Hume Kennerly joins Bill Kristol and regulars to discuss the Ford Library's cowardly refusal to honor Liz Cheney, how Democrats should handle the Trump verdict, and Biden's standing with the young and old.

highlights / lowlights

In closing, Trump’s team takes the jurors for idiots (Dana Milbank, WaPo)

Mona: Why Trump is hobnobbing with rappers facing gang-related charges (MSNBC)

Bill Kristol:
The impressiveness of the Manhattan Trump Trial (NYT).

Linda Chavez:
Mexican Democracy Hangs In The Balance (Enrique Krauze, Persuasion)

Bill Galston:
Highlight: NATO’s boss wants to free Ukraine to strike hard inside Russia (The Economist)

Lowlight: Almost 6,000 Dead in 6 Years: How Baltimore Became the U.S. Overdose Capital (NYT)

show notes:

The Danger of a Small Act of Cowardice by David Hume Kennerly. (Includes the Cheney / Ford photo referenced in the show.)

David's Resignation Letter from the Ford Presidential Foundation

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