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Ilya Somin

Yes, Trump Is Disqualified from Office

And no, it’s not undemocratic to use the Fourteenth Amendment to keep…
Eric S. Edelman and Eliot Cohen

Remembering Henry Kissinger

The hugely important—and hugely controversial—former secretary of state has died at 100.
Jonathan V. Last

Dear Democrats: Here Are the Facts of Life

Fair's got nothing to do with it.
Charlie Sykes

Why the Koch Endorsement Matters

Plus: The Bulwark debates Nikki.
Jill Lawrence

The Case Against Nikki Haley

She stands for everything and nothing. How would she handle abortion or…
Kimberly Wehle

A New Threat to the Voting Rights Act

A federal court says citizens cannot challenge racial gerrymanders through the VRA.
Sonny Bunch

‘Napoleon’ Review

You expect epic and get epic. You don’t quite expect the comedy.