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William Saletan

The Pro-Life Case for Choice

Nikki Haley says abortion is a deeply personal issue. She’s right.
Jonathan V. Last

Trump Could Win: Let’s Process Our Anticipatory Grief Together

Search your feelings, young Jedi.
Charlie Sykes

Joe Biden’s Blue-Collar Blues

And the politics of contempt.
Mona Charen

The Age of Narcissism

Why are we obsessed with celebrities who are obsessed with themselves?
David Head

How to Fix Florida’s Scholarship Program for Homeschoolers

Families shouldn’t be using the money for Disney World tickets—but don’t be…
Clark Packard and Scott Lincicome

It’s Time to End the Trump-Biden Trade War with China

There’s a better path for U.S.-China trade.
Joe Perticone

NATO Ups Defense Spending—Here’s Who to Thank

Plus: The worst-dressed workplace in America gets a new dress code.